Benefits of the Mentoring Process.

Mentoring greatly increases the odds of success. Founders who haven't led a successful startup a few times get the advantage of strong advice and insight in a variety of critical areas. Mentors get to share their experiences and connections, help build up the business community which has been so good to them, get first looks and insight into high potential startups, the potential of a future board role if the startup takes off, and the prestige and satisfaction of having helped a startup become a fast growing and jobs producing contributor to the greater community (Win-Win).

How It Works.

There is no cost to the mentor nor mentee nor do you need to attend the conference (done to help the entire startup community). Simple post below whether you can be or wish a mentor and we will match you up. Quarterly 60-90 minute meetings are recommended but you can adjust as appropriate (i.e. often best to hold the first two meetings a month apart before going to quarterly). After the first meeting let us know if the match is good or not (no harm, no foul) and we can rematch as needed. You can set your own agendas of topics that the founder needs the most help in but we provide a useful checklist and agenda the mentor and mentee can use to ensure nothing critical is missed. The role of the mentor is to not be an expert on every issue but rather a great source of advice in his/her strong areas and a conduit/introducer to others within particular areas of need.

Typical Topics Discussed.

• Building a Team
• Creating an Advisory or Regular Board
• Finance Advisory
• Fundraising
• General Advice & Connections
• IT/Technology
• Legal Advisory
• Marketing/Sales
• Operations
• Startup Strategy
• Tax Advisory
• and 101 pressing issues that crop up.

Get Started.

Choose either to Be a Mentor or to Get a Mentor and we will follow-up with you on the matching.

Feedback . . .

"I found it to be very productive and useful. I especially appreciate the feedback. I certainly would recommend the process to other start-ups."
 - Michael Daley, Founder, OrthogenRx

"I would like to thank you for all the effort and organization . . . This is awesome!"
 - Arnaud Saint-Paul, Founder, Smartsy

"I enjoyed being part of it."
  - Rachael Qualls, Angel Capital Group

"I think it is both a brilliant and much needed approach."
  - Frank Creer, Zone VC

"Thanks so much for the opportunity, I enjoyed it. I also appreciate the work you do for entrepreneurs."
  - Chris Hawkins, Founder, SignNow

"Thanks so much for your continued devotion to this entrepreneurial engine!"
  - Stan Keith, Capital Pulse Network

"glad to help out a great org!"
  - Lauren Flanagan, Phenomenelle Angels Fund

"You are doing a great job!"
  - Barbara Boxer, Women Angels

"Fantastic. I cannot think of anything you can do better."
  - Geoff Robson, Innovation Valley Angels

"I have to say the feedback is invaluable ... It's really going to help me tighten up the deck."
  - Julian Miller, Founder, Learnmetrics

"Thank you for putting together the program and allowing Trenergi to partipate."
    - Norman Strate, Founder, Trenergi

"I've made some revisions to my investor deck based on the feedback I received, which was VERY helpful."
    - Geoff Berlin, CEO, Retrofit America

"The opportunity was a really good experience with practical feedback and I would definitely recommend it to other founders."
    - Pieter Conradie, Founder, RF Solutions